It is necessary to keep talking about inclusion in Pediatric Dentistry, and for this we must continue to train professionals in adapted behavior management techniques to be able to apply in the dental field to children with healthcare needs and thus provide preventive and comprehensive oral rehabilitation treatments. Highlight the importance of committed pediatric dentists working in experienced interdisciplinary teams to provide advice and responses at different levels of dental care for children with different disabilities. Oral health is a much more complex concept, so this population not only has a higher incidence of oral diseases but also alterations in the functions associated with the mouth as a function of disability. The goal is to demonstrate that preventive care and early intervention for medically compromised and children with disabilities is critical to reducing oral disease and achieving good oral health in the future. The presentation will cover strategies in behavior management, preventive treatments and early intervention in the management of orofacial functions (orofacial therapy) according to the child’s disability status. For this, a motivational and educational work is necessary that involves families, caregivers, children and the pediatric dentist in addition to the interdisciplinary team.