Dr Abhinav Talekar completed his masters in Pediatric dentistry from MARDC Pune India. Besides practicing as private practitioner; he is also working as an  Associate Professor and Postgraduate Guide in M A Rangoonawala Dental College and Dental Research Institute, India. He has shown avid interest in interceptive orthodontics, dentofacial orthopaedics,  and crowns in pediatric dentistry. His research done to evaluate clinical success of various crowns in primary molar is very well received. He has worked on dental status of child undergoing chemotherapy at various cancer hospital. He is one of the youngest international speaker. Recently he got research collaboration with University of Bern to assess masticatory efficacy in  children. He along with his team won Morita best case report award recently.He has registered various clinical trials on his name in clinical registry.


Stainless steel crowns(SSC) were introduced in the year 1950 and are considered as the gold standard since then. SSCs are quick, inexpensive, flexible and durable which make them indispensable in pediatric dentistry. However, the metallic color has been a concern for many. Hence aesthetic modification of SSCs and other crowns came into being. Open faced SSCs and pre-veneered SSCs were used an aesthetic alternative. In 2006 a retrospective study based on a novel technique used Dr Hall came into light and considered as boon in paediatric dentistry. The Hall Technique crown involved placement of SSCs without local anaesthesia, caries removal or crown reduction. Zirconia crowns for primary teeth were introduced in last decade. These crowns are highly polished, tooth coloured and resilient. However they cannot be contoured/crimped, require extensive tooth preparation and are detrimental to the antagonist tooth. Fiber-glass crowns were introduced in 2017 for primary teeth, these are tooth coloured, BPA free but lack the highly polished surface like zirconia. Recently, flexible aesthetic crowns for primary teeth have been introduced in pediatric dentistry. These new crowns while being tooth coloured are flexible and can be contoured and crimped. Pediatric dentistry is continuously undergoing evolution in restorative materials. Various restorative products were developed and evaluated over the period of time to keep paediatric dentistry on aesthetic bandwagon. With Halls Tech: No caries removal, case selection, opening of bite, is it affecting masticatory efficacy of child?