2nd International Congress of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry

"Contemporary clinical techniques in pediatric dentistry"

02-04 September 2022


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– 3 days

– 8 contemporary topics

– 16 speakers from 12 countries

– 312 participants from 52 countries

– 24 hours of presentations in total

– 50(avg) viewers per presentation

– 67 abstacts received

– More than 10000 visitors from 102 countries to congress website

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Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

International Congress of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (ICCPD, http://www.iccpd.org) is an annual event organized by the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry which is an international, scientific, open access, online-only journal. Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (www.contemppediatrdent.org) aims to serve as a journal for scientifically based information in pediatric dentistry, with the intention of continually expanding the knowledge base in this area. This journal provides an open-access forum for the exchange of information about contemporary, new, and significant research in pediatric dentistry throughout the world.

We are now celebrating the success of the Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry for beginning to be indexed in reputed field indexes in dentistry and medicine. To celebrate our remarkable scientific improvement, we are now organizing 2nd International Congress of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry (ICCPD 2022) which will take place on 2- 4 September 2022 as a fully virtual meeting. The main theme of the ICCPD 2022 is “Contemporary Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry”.

I feel confident that the ICCPD 2022 will serve as a place of learning where we can all share the latest knowledge and learn the contemporary view, techniques and treatment options from highly eminent clinicians and researchers.

It is my pleasure to invite all colleagues and friends to attend the 2nd ICCPD congress for sharing experiences and knowledge to uncover new insights on the contemporary pediatric dental practice, education, research and to reinforce our commitment to our little lovely patients and their caregivers.

Stay safe and best regards,

Burak Buldur

Congress President, ICCPD

Editor-in-Chief, Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry


Scientific Programme

DAY 1 


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DAY 3 


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14:00 - 14:50

Universitat De Barcelona, Spain

15:00 -15:50

Universidad Autónoma Del Estado, Mexico

16:00 - 16:50

Private Practice, Mexico

16:00 - 17:00

Hebrew University, Israel                                  Augusta University, USA

18:00 -18:30



Cumhuriyet University, Turkey


Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee